Well, hi.

Or should I say “Hi, Mom”, as I know for certain that she’s the only other visitor this blog has had. “But honey, it says nothing found”. Ahh, yes. About that.

I’m a planner. A big-time planner. I made lists for EVERYTHING – far beyond the requisite shopping or grocery list. Going on a trip? Surely I won’t be able to leave without creating a detailed list of every. single. item. I’m going pack. And lest “white boatneck long-sleeve” cause any confusion, you better believe that baby’s listed as “white high-low Free People boatneck long-sleeve w/ ruffle layers”. And after all that, I’ll probably look at the wide-ruled notebook I was using and rewrite the whole thing on college-ruled paper, because, really, college-ruled just looks so much better than wide-ruled anyway.

So, when I decided to start a blog, all of my planning tendencies came out full force. After thinking of a name and actually establishing the shell of this site, I was paralyzed by FONPE – Fear of Not Planning Enough. What was I thinking?! I only had five or so posts planned. I hadn’t decided on a categorization scheme yet. And what ratio of sweet vs. savory recipes should I post anyway?

Finally, it hit me. If I kept trying to perfect something non-existent, it would never get started in the first place. So what if I don’t know yet if I should blog about that incredible grilled pizza before or after the Iron Chef-esque breakfast I whipped up on the fly? Or where my unexpected new favorite nail polish fits into the mix? I’ll figure it out as I go, and that’s alright.

Thanks for coming along for the ride (even if I can’t tell you our precise ETA, our predetermined pit stops based on the size of our travel coffee mugs, or what carefully curated playlists I’ve compiled for the trip).


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  1. Alyssa…I so loved reading your blog for the first time. (Thanks mom for FB link) your style of writing is a delight! You have certainly blossomed into a unique young lady. Great success with your venture. Will be lookin you up up again.

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