Friday Thoughts

TGIF! It’s been one of those weeks where I’m just aching for the weekend to get here. I bet you know the feeling, the one where all you’re focused on the moment you get home from work is throwing your heels across the room, donning your most comfortable pair of sweatpants and falling into a Rip Van Winkle-esque slumber? Yup, that kind of week.

Even after spending each day staring at the computer screens at work (I have multiple), the past two or so weeks I’ve actually found myself wanting to crack open my laptop and do *something* blog-related once I get home. It’s truly amazing how the couple of posts I’ve written here have woken up my brain to thinking creatively (gasp!), something I never hardly ever even come close to doing as an accountant.

So, with this tired brain, I figured I better steer clear of anything requiring precision (oh, 1/4 tsp,1/4 cup…same thing…) and talk about something light – like nail polish.

Admittedly, I tend to be pretty impatient when it comes to painting my nails. I’m totally in awe of those women on Instagram and Pinterest who a) can maneuver with such steady hands and b) have so much freakin’ patience! Not me. I also seem to suffer from an affliction where I fall for a nail color in the store and buy it, only to come home and realize I already have something similar. Pulling out my polishes for this post confirmed this fact, as I learned I have a serious tendency to lean towards grays, pinks, and glitters.

I’ve also learned that since starting this blog, the number of dishes I’ve cleaned has increased exponentially. To make a bad situation even worse, this onslaught of dishes began just around the time I decided to try out a new, navy nail polish (Sally Hansen “Night Watch” — first picture, left) I’ve had my eye on. Bad combination, right? I thought my dark, glossy nails would be a chipped mess within a day or two.

Wrong. So wrong. After a week, I had piles of sparkling clean dishes and ten completely chip-free nails (check ’em out!). Even two weeks later, they’re just now beginning to chip at the top edges. Un-be-lievable. I don’t know if I’ll be executing a perfect chevron-striped or marbled nail any time soon, but having a dark nail color stay chip-free for so long was preeeetty great.

Enjoy your weekend!


3 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts

  1. Hi A…I so enjoy reading your blog, thanks! Hope you received my first comment to you. Well back to nails FYI us ol’ timers can break out periodically and go “new color line”..hehe. I choose a dreamy blueish/grey for my pedi and my longtime manicurist said “wow this is a first”. Well I’m headed back to stirring my Sunday gravy..that’s red of course. Enjoy! cuz KAT

    • Hi Kathy! I did, thank you! It’s very sweet seeing support with this little project. After realizing how “one-note” I’ve been with my nails I’m trying to think outside the box for next time. We’ll see. And yes Sunday gravy is always red 🙂 I bet it was delicious!

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