Hello Weekend

It’s Friday again, folks. Just about time to give my phone a break from the morning alarm and my toes a break from heels. Time to eat breakfast sitting at the kitchen table like a normal human and maybe, just maybe have the time to leisurely sip coffee while browsing Pinterest. Now that’s luxurious. One weekday habit that carries over though is my nagging need to make a to-do list. Broken out by Saturday things and Sunday things. Even if the only entries are “wear slippers” and “rent a Redbox”. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this weekend’s list seems to be growing by the minute…

NecklaceIsn’t this always the case with cheapy jewelry? Time to dig out those pliers.

Perfect Night candleTrue Life: I Went to Target for Two Things, I Walked Out with Fourteen (this candle being one of them). Relaxation in a jar. Tried to buy another the next time I went and I must have been stricken with a case of candle-name-and-candle-label amnesia or something. Took a big whiff of Crackling Woods, thinking it was the one above. Let me tell you, Crackling Woods is no Perfect Night. Tree bark in a jar.

Wine cork
while I…

Around here, the only way to knit is while wearing a Snuggie. And the pressure’s on, because I’m also going to…


…for our first trip back to the East Coast this week to celebrate Thanksgiving. And I will be super salty if I can’t finish a knit headband in time to wear it where, you know, it’s actually chilly. Veeery excited for a much-needed break from work, a chance to layer on cozy clothes without giving myself heatstroke, and a large cup of toasted almond Dunkin Donuts coffee, little bit of milk, no sugar. Oh how I’ve missed you.

I may also

CookiePumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies with Snickerdoodle “Frosting” (promise to share what that “frosting” actually is soon)

Happy weekend!


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