Hostess Gift in a Hurry

With the holidays upon us, it’s easy to get swept up in the fantasy of total DIY-ness. Visions of dazzling coworkers with homemade delicacies (never mind the fact that you’re spending pretty much all day at the office), surprising family with the coziest hand knit accessories, and hunting down supplies for handmade decorations start dancing in my head once the last trick-or-treater heads home for the night. But over the past few years, I’ve found that life gets in the way. Staying late at the office can take out your plans of testing a fudge recipe, working out, and watching Elf all in one fell swoop. Having too much faith in your local craft store to have something (when they don’t), and it being too late to order online has deflated my DIY dreams a time or two. And remember that year I crocheted so much I gave myself a callous? Kind of made me back off the three scarves I had planned, don’t you think?

This year I’ve come to terms that all of my grand holiday plans will probably not come into fruition, and I’m okay with that. Sometimes that extra bit of sleep or satisfying workout trumps mass producing homemade salted caramel hot chocolate mix in a cup with a hand knit sleeve and handcrafted gift tag. That could just be me (although salted caramel hot chocolate sounds delicious right about now…). Maybe you even forget about a hostess gift until you’re on your way to the festivities. No big. You’re probably passing a drug store, right? You’re covered.

How about something for the hostess to enjoy after the guests have gone home, the dishes put away, and the heels have come off? I found everything at my local drug store, and with it being a gift you assemble yourself (and not one of those prepackaged cheesy gift sets), you can mix and match items with your recipient in mind.


1. Tea to wind down from the night

2. Rich cuticle cream to ward off winter dryness

3. A fun lip balm

4. Nail polish (is she pining after a bold glitter but is too practical to buy it for herself?)

5. Little treats for when her sweet tooth calls, but she doesn’t possibly have room for more pie

6. A jazzy nail file to round out the manicure trifecta

Place all in a mug (also found at the drug store), add a decoration of choice, and you’ll be back on your route before you can say Ijustsavedtwentyminutesofstandinginlineatthemall. 🙂

Top view


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