Clink Clink Fizz, See Ya 2013

Well, it’s the last day of 2013. Did you manage to accomplish all the resolutions you set for yourself? Do you even remember what they were? I for one don’t. I’m sure I decided on a few, but this time last year began a real doozy in my work life, and I didn’t quite see my house in the daylight until March. Needless to say, sitting stationary and eating takeout at work for breakfast, lunch, and dinner squashed any health-related resolutions I may have made. Sitting at that same desk over weekends also raised a big middle finger to recreational activities such as visiting the beach regularly or exploring local hiking trails in our new town. Basically, my 2013 resolutions were a big ol’ bust. Whatever they were.

Fast forward a year, and now I have a job where I can A) see the daylight and B) exercise regularly, so I’ll take a stab and say that 2014 will be off to a better start than 2013. Especially with this lower-sugar, fizzy and festive cocktail.

IMG_1350 (600x800)
I’ll be honest – I’m not a big fan of sugary mixed drinks. Sticky sweet concoctions that make my teeth ache and turn my tongue (and lips, and teeth…) an unnatural color. I’d much prefer to order a beer at a bar, but at home I’m apt to toil away in the kitchen testing out lower-sugar drinks. As a bonus, they tend to be lower-calorie, too.

This one combines peach, strawberry, and raspberry, but feel free to mix up the flavors to match your preferences. Whatever the flavor of sparkling water, it, along with the lambic, creates a festive fizz that will look the part at your festivities (whether your definition of festivities is a large party or you and yours sitting on the couch watching Netflix). <– take a guess at what category I fall into 🙂

Ingredients (800x589)
If you’ve never had the framboise lambic, I’ll tell you that it’s delicious. Technically it’s a beer, but its deep-pink color and raspberry flavor would have you thinking otherwise. It’s wonderful to sip by itself or added as an element in other drinks. In this drink, it’s cut with the sparkling water to reduce the sugar, but it still does its job with the flavor and color it imparts.

Taste of framboise

Lindemans framboise lambic…mmmmm

Rasp-Strawberry Peach Fizz
Yields 2 drinks

3 oz peach-flavored vodka
6 oz strawberry-flavored sparkling water
6 oz Lindemans framboise lambic
4 ice cubes

1. Place two ice cubes in each glass (told you it was easy!).

2. Measure 1 1/2 oz of peach-flavored vodka and 3 oz of strawberry sparkling water into each glass and stir.

Without framboise (800x600)
3. Pour approximately 3 oz of the framboise lambic into each glass. Enjoy!



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  1. Cocktails… Now you’re talkin’ my language fav is the vintage “Side Car” which I may have single handedly reintroduced to New Orleans after having my first one several years ago in LosAngeles. Thanks so much (mom too) for the “Honey Balls”. I wish all of you the Best for the new year and always! Much luv, K

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