Hi there! I’m Alyssa, a recent transplant to San Diego (with long-time East Coast roots) who has a penchant for baking, boots, and pretty little things. Especially if they sparkle, shine, and/or glitter. I’m an accountant and crunch numbers all day long, so here’s where I get to let my “right brain” run free.

So what’s with the name?

The short answer: My favorite color is sequined. I’m powerless against anything and everything adorned with those shiny little suckers.

The long(er) answer: Beyond the glitz, I like to think of  a “sequined” life as one full of little shiny, bright moments. Oftentimes for me, these moments come in the form of cooking or baking something with love and seeing the happy smiles of those who enjoy in the treats. Small things, like savoring the first sip of coffee each morning and painting the nails on my right hand without making a colossal mess (I’m a righty) are on the list, too.

Plain and simple, sequins (and their partner in crime, glitter) bring me to my happy place. Maybe they do the same for you. If so, welcome.





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